Chanyeol poking Kyungsoo’s cheek 

.(cr: Smilellen/ Soofle_)

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이씽’s birthday D-7:I’m learning various new instruments while enjoying the happiness it brings me.

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In one night Suho appeared in 3 and a half photos and a video on other peoples IG accounts. He doesn’t need an SNS, he just bombs everyone elses!

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GUYS - all the Exo members currently have DARK/brown HAIR (as of 14/09/30)

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oh sehun be like “chillin w harry potter hyung”


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Name: hey you be quiet
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140823 TLP SINGAPORE: chen tellin baek to shut it in english during his introduction 

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If there’s one thing that the KPOP Fandom can agree on its about how much they hate SM.

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Countdown to Yixing’s Birthday (7 sides of Zhang Yixing):
[D-6]: Bowing Machine - ”Bowing is just my way to express thanks to all the fans. After a while it just became habit.”
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